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How Lovely Shines the Morning Star!

  1. How lovely shines the Morning Star!
    The nations see and hail afar
    the light in Judah shining.
    Thou David’s son of Jacob’s race,
    my bridegroom and my King of grace,
    for thee my heart is pining.
    Lowly, holy,
    great and glorious, thou victorious
    Prince of graces,
    filling all the heav’nly places.
  2. Though circled by the hosts on high,
    he deigned to cast a pitying eye
    upon his helpless creature;
    the whole creation’s head and Lord,
    by highest seraphim adored,
    assumed our very nature.
    Jesus, grant us,
    through thy merit to inherit
    thy salvation;
    hear, O hear our supplication.
  3. Now richly to my waiting heart,
    O thou, my God, deign to impart
    the grace of love undying.
    In thy blest body let me be,
    e’en as the branch is in the tree,
    thy life my life supplying.
    Sighing, crying,
    for the savor of thy favor;
    resting never
    till I rest in thee forever.
  4. Thou, mighty Father, in thy Son
    didst love me ere thou hadst begun
    this ancient world’s foundation.
    Thy Son hath made a friend of me,
    and when in spirit him I see,
    I joy in tribulation.
    What bliss is this!
    He that liveth to me giveth
    life forever;
    nothing me from him can sever.
  5. Rejoice, ye heav’ns; thou earth reply;
    with praise, ye sinners, fill the sky,
    for this his incarnation.
    Incarnate God, put forth thy pow’r,
    ride on, ride on, great conqueror
    till all know thy salvation.
    Amen, Amen!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    Praise be given
    evermore by earth and heaven.
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Scripture Reference
Revelation 22:16, Psalm 45, Ephesians 1:3-14
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