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God of the Prophets!

  1. God of the prophets! Bless the prophets’ sons;
    Elijah’s mantle o’er Elisha cast;
    each age its solemn task may claim but once;
    make each one nobler, stronger than the last.
  2. Anoint them prophets! Make their ears attent
    to thy divinest speech, their hearts awake
    to human need; their lips make eloquent
    to gird the right and ev’ry evil break.
  3. Anoint them priests! Strong intercessors, Lord!
    Anoint them with the Spirit of thy Son;
    theirs not a jeweled crown, a bloodstained sword;
    theirs, by sweet love, for Christ a kingdom won.
  4. Make them apostles! Heralds of thy cross.
    Forth may they go to tell all realms thy grace;
    inspired of thee, may they count all but loss,
    and stand at last with joy before thy face.
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Scripture Reference
1 Peter 2:9, 2 Kings 2:13
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Collection Name: Genevan Psalter