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Father, Again in Jesus’ Name We Meet

  1. Father, again in Jesus’ name we meet
    and bow in penitence beneath thy feet;
    again to thee our feeble voices raise
    to sue for mercy and to sing thy praise.
  2. O we would bless thee for thy ceaseless care
    and all thy works from day to day declare.
    Is not our life with hourly mercies crowned?
    Does not thine arm encircle us around?
  3. Alas, unworthy of thy boundless love,
    too oft our feet from thee, our Father, rove;
    but now, encouraged by thy voice, we come,
    returning sinners, to a Father’s home.
  4. O by that name in whom all fulness dwells,
    O by that love which ev’ry love excels,
    O by that blood so freely shed for sin,
    open blest mercy’s gate and take us in.
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Scripture Reference
Micah 7:18, Luke 15:18
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